About Wet Chemistry

Using these methods we support many clients with lot release testing, raw material certifications, and method development.  These methods also serve a vital role in preparing samples to be tested in other laboratories within SGS Polymer Solutions.

  • Approaches

    Dilute Solution Viscosity (DSV)

    Extractions and Digestions:


  • Products we've tested

    Using wet chemistry methods we frequently test:

    • Drug Eluting Polymers
    • Bioabsorbable Polymers
    • Medical Devices
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Consumer Products
    • Industrial Products
  • Applications

    Wet chemistry methods have a wide variety of applications.  They are frequently used for lot release testing and material certifications.  Other applications include:

    • Molecular Weight Analysis
    • Quality Control Assurance
    • Filler Content Isolation
    • Additives Package Isolation
    • Determination of Acid/Base Content
    • End Group Analysis
    • Sample Preparation