About UV Exposure Testing

Polymeric materials are particularly prone to UV damage upon exposure the UV light.  Degradation can present as molecular weight loss, cracking, crazing, discoloration, and a general loss of physical properties.

  • Approaches

    Testing is generally based on ASTM G154 using UVA or UVB fluorescent bulbs.  However, custom testing can also be performed. 

    After exposure, samples can be evaluated in many ways.  This often includes visual examination, molecular weight analysis, physical testing, and color/gloss analysis.

  • Sample Considerations

    Samples can be provided in multiple forms.  Typically, test articles are supplied as test bars or plaques.  However, we can test materials in almost any form. 

    SGS can also provide molding services to make test articles for you from polymer resins.

  • Experience

    Not only can SGS evaluate resistance to UV exposure, we are also capable of characterizing the polymer and stabilizer packages directly via chromatography, FTIR, NMR, and GPC.

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