About Karl Fischer Titrations

The titration is conducted coulometrically, where the reagent is generated in the reaction cell via electric current. Liquid samples can be analyzed by direct injection of the sample into the titration cell.

  • Approaches

    Water is consumed by chemical reaction with iodine and sulfur dioxide in the presence of a base. Consumption of all of the water in a sample results in an excess of iodine and a large increase of electrical conductivity in the titration mixture.

    The addition of a specialized oven allows analysis of moisture in solid samples by vaporization of the moisture, which is carried into the reaction cell on a dry gas stream.


  • Sample Considerations

    Karl Fischer titration can be performed on solid or liquid samples.

    Sample size is typically between 1-10 grams depending on the water content within the sample.

    Contact us to talk through your specific sample considerations.

     Karl Fisher Titrater Lab

  • Experience

    Work we've done:

    • Moisture determination in solid plastic resins and in solvents
    • Quality control of raw materials
    • Moisture contamination