About Flammability Testing

A sample of the material is exposed to an ignition source under controlled conditions.  The type and size of the flame or other ignition source, duration of exposure, form and configuration of the sample, and measured results vary between standard test methods.  Some characteristics of the sample that may be evaluated are rate of flame travel, time to self-extinguish, or time to full combustion.  Some test methods evaluate the smoke density that is produce or the oxygen index required to support a flame.

  • Approaches

    SGS can offer testing services for a wide range of material types and test methods.  We can perform specific tests upon request or suggest a test plan for the needs of your material and application. 

    Some of the test methods offered include:
    UL 94
    ASTM D635
    ASTM D1929
    ASTM D2863
    ASTM D3801
    ASTM D4986
    ASTM D7309
    ASTM E1354


  • Sample Considerations

    Contact SGS Polymer Solutions to discuss your specific sample requirements for flammability testing.

  • Experience

    Laboratories that are part of SGS have been performing flammability testing for over 50 years and as a leader in the testing services industry our reports are recognized and accepted worldwide. 

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