About Compression Testing

Compression testing provides information on compression stress and compression strain as a sample is pushed and pressed at various loads.

  • Approaches

    Compression testing can be used to determine mechanical property degradation as a result of product use, accelerated aging, or response to chemical exposure.

    Mechanical strength data for research and development and quality control can be aquired through compression testing.

    We can also create custom, and validated, compression tests or cyclic loading in compression can be accomplished to characterize a product in a simulated application environment.  For example, we did this to test bioabsorbable screws under cyclic compression loads at elevated temperature in saline.

    ASTM: D695 & D395


  • Sample Considerations

    Plastic and rubbery materials can be analyzed with compression testing, as well as actual products.  We can also use compression testing to analyze metals.

    Contact us to talk through your specific sample considerations.

  • Experience

    Work we've done:

    • Testing of ring-shaped plastic pipe segments
    • Testing bioabsorbable screws in saline at elevated temperature under cyclic compressive loading
    • Determining the compressibility of artificial turf
    • Verifying acceptable response of an implant device to compressive loading.
    • Determining compression set of elastomers