About Brookfield Viscometry

Brookfield viscometry is a test of dynamic viscosity which involves a spinning shaft in contact with the fluid to be measured.  

  • Approaches

    This type of viscosity testing is often used to analyze fluids according to dynamic viscosity specifications which are measured in centipoise.   Our clients often request this type of testing to ensure a product meets particular qualifications or to determine if a patent has been infringed upon.

  • Sample Considerations

    A typical sample size is approximately 400-600 milliliters of fluid material such as a gel, lotion, or adhesive.  We have the capabilities to test a sample as small as eight milliliters. 

    Samples tested by Brookfield viscometry must flow fluidly.  SGS Polymer Solutions has the capability to test less viscous samples by other methods. 

    Contact  us if you have questions about the type or volume of sample you would like us to test.  We will help you determine the right testing methods for your needs.  

  • Experience

    Our wide range of experience with Brookfield Viscometry includes:Viscosity analysis of High-tech epoxy

    • Patent work with an active pharmaceutical gel (excipient testing)
    • Acne cream
    • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
    • Carboxymethyl  Cellulose (CMC)
    • Waste water polymers testing