About Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering is an investigation into the root causes of the failure of materials, components, and end products. Failures can mean breaking, cracking, or failing to perform as intended.  This type of analysis is usually complex and requires multiple steps to develop meaningful analytical protocols to provide reliable data sets that can be used for decision-making purposes.  Forensic engineering also requires expertise and experience with litigated matters or situations that will likely become litigated in the foreseeable future.

Our experts have as much as three decades of experience in forensic engineering, failure analysis, and the critical in-depth materials science foundation to conduct detailed, thorough, and relevant forensic engineering investigations. Our staff of chemists and materials engineers includes expertise with polymers, metals, and glass.  This comprehensive approach allows for the most thorough investigations and analysis.

Everything that we do at SGS Polymer Solutions is within a strict quality system that adheres to ISO 17025 and FDA regulations. This ensures the utmost care, attention to detail, and documentation goes into everything we do—from before we receive your samples to after the final report is delivered. 

  • Onsite Services

    • We offer a robust array of analytical capabilities under one roof which allows the evidence to stay on site, or at the same place, while still having access to a variety of chemical analysis and physical testing methods.
    • Our facility is designed with experts in mind, including separate and private meeting rooms for various parties of litigated matters
    • Our facility is purposefully-designed, efficient, comfortable, well-lit, and state-of-the-art
    • We offer several non-destructive test methods that can be used to preserve original evidence while still providing objective scientific data
    • Secure on-site storage of evidence and samples
    • Examination tables
    • An overhead crane for heavy and large items
    • High resolution cameras, video cameras, and photography lighting
    • An on-site machine shop and ability to develop custom testing fixtures
  • Litigation Support

    • Our experts have the ability to travel to witness original damage and participate in joint evidence inspections
    • Because our experts have provided consulting and testifying expert services in numerous high-consequence litigated matters, including international issues, we understand the unique requirements of forensic engineering in litigated matters
    • Our litigation support staff understands the need for meticulous documentation including written, photo, and video documentationForensic_Engineering.jpg
  • Our Specialties & Expertise

    Our testing lab is independent and unbiased. We provide our clients with objective, scientifically sound data to provide clarity and information about their litigated matters. 

    • Pipe and fitting failure analysis
    • Damages and failures brought about by Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) of plastic materials
    • Failure of rubber products
    • Failures of construction materials
    • Coating failures on wood and metal products
    • Glass failures due to lamination issues and occlusions
    • Weld joint failures
    • Molded plastic products