Our reliable data is proof of what we believe—that when curious mindsets, creative thinking and great science are combined, exceptional things are achieved for our community, our clients, and the world.

Since 1987, SGS Polymer Solutions (SGS PSI) has been answering difficult questions regarding polymers, plastics, and composites. 

From our home in Christiansburg, Virginia, we partner with our clients from around the world to solve and prevent their most complex problems through chemical analysis, physical testing and consultation.  

At SGS Polymer Solutions, we believe the clearest path to a superior solution is an open mind. We’ve assembled an accomplished group of scientific thinkers and equipped them with a diverse array of advanced technology, allowing them to tackle any challenge from routine procedures to the most complex problem.

We are independent by design. Our test results reflect our best science and our love for solving problems. Our results are sound, objective, and sometimes even envied.  In the past 27 years our testing capabilities have continued to evolve and expand.  We offer analysis of metallic materials in addition to polymer materials.   Our laboratory capabilities include chromatography, metals testing, microscopy, spectroscopy, wet chemistry, titrations, liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography.

In January 2015 our team completed our brand new, custom designed, state-of-the-art headquarters and laboratories. “The Big Move” (as our team dubbed it) represents our continuous improvement in all we do and it also speaks to the healthy growth trajectory of our company.

Our location is prime and strategic in many senses. We are in close proximity to the Virginia Tech Campus and situated in a strong technology community; simultaneously we are able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are located only minutes off of Interstate 81, making visits to our facility easy and accessible. Thanks to FedEx and UPS, we are only “tomorrow” away from most clients in North America and the rest of the world is just a day or so away.

We firmly believe in working hard and also "playing" hard.  At SGS PSI we embrace life and enjoy our work.

Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you;  we'd love to get to know you better!